50 facts about me!!!

Here are a bunch of random facts about me. I hope you all really enjoy it

1. My name is Michelle
2. I’m 25 years old
3. I’m originally from New York
4. I now live in Florida
5. I am a makeup junkie
6. I’m also a makeup hoarder
7. My favorite animal is a panda
8. I have a daughter
9. I’m a bit of a nerd
10. I’ve played Magic: the gathering (MTG) and Dungeons and dragons (DnD)
11. I actually keep my favorite MTG deck in my purse
12. I also keep a regular deck of cards in my purse
13. I like all kinds of music
14. My favorite shows are Once Upon a Time and Pretty Little Liars
15. I have 2 older brothers
16. I’m really shy until I get comfortable around you
17. I’m from NY, but I’ve never been to Central Park
18. My favorite color is blue
19. I have a hard time getting rid of my makeup
20. I’m not very girly
21. 98% of my friends are guys
22. I’m not very organized
23. I’m not very good at winging my originals
24. I’m currently a stay at home mommy
25. I like to play video games
26. I’ve played and beat all of the Gears of War games
27. I’ve only played 1 Zelda games
28. My weakness is YouTube videos
29. I love Pentatonix versions of popular music better than the originals
30. I’d love to make YouTube videos one day
31. My birthday is July 3rd (which explains the 73 of my username)
32. I’m a nail polish addict
33. My new favorite app is the Family Guy app. It’s very similar to the Simpsons Tapped Out
34. I’ve never made in app purchases
35. I have an abundance of black eyeliner
36. I love bold and bright lipsticks
37. I just recently got into doing my eyebrows
38. I used to have blue and black hair
39. I also used to have bright red hair
40. I’m terrible at keeping a routine
41. I realized my love for talking about makeup when I started rambling to my boyfriend about an eyeshadow palette
42. The only routine I can keep is my Thursday night. Its the one night a week I get to go out of the house without the baby
45. I’m very crafty
46. I love shopping on etsy and supporting the hardworking crafters on there
47. Whenever playing a gnome is an option, I pick it
48. The Fable games are probably my favorite games.
49. I love WordPress because the app is actually compatible with my tablet
50. My favorite season is probably Fall. Love wearing boots.

So that’s it 50 random things about me. I started to struggle during the last half that’s why they get really random.

Question of the day: what’s weird or random about you?
Let me know in the comments.